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 Are you healthy? Do you know your health status? Are you as healthy and fit as you should be for your age? What is your fitness level? Do you know all you should know about the state of your and wellness? If not, this is why you must know. Advantages Of Knowing Your Health Status? 1. It help you know your present state of health and how to enhance it. 2. If will help you plan your life better. 3. It will give you an in - road into a new state of health and wellbeing. 4.You will enjoy your life, live well and live long! THE GOODNEWS! There is a way to know the general state of your health. 👇🏼 Health Diagnosis ( Non - Invasive Testing At The Cellular Level) QUANTUM RESONANCE MAGNETIC ANALYSER MACHINE Simply by holding the sensor in your palm, health data will be collected within minutes from various body systems. This advanced electronic system collects the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis and compares each organ with the referenced database, thereby analysing and determining a person’s health status and main problems and putting forward standard prevention recommendations. The analysis is non-invasive and will tell you the condition of your health without blood analysis or radiation. It’s important to know your body, how is it functioning and what complications you have or what you are about to have. With our QUANTUM RESONANCE MAGNETIC ANALYSER MACHINE. The manchine will detect diseases before they attack you or if you already have any. Disorders like Ulcers, Anaemia, High blood pressure, Low blood pressure, Nutritional deficiency, Prostate disorder (not cancer), stroke, Low sperm count, hormonal imbalances, erectile dysfunction, ovarian cysts, cardiovascular problems, cerebrovascular problems, bone problems (including rheumatoid and osteoarthritis), etc. What Next? All these are easily identified with the machine either at earlier stage or later stage. After the report, if you follow - through with the prescription provided on the manual of the machine. And you comply with the treatment given by our Health Consultant.You will be ok and bubbling with sound health in a matter of weeks (regardless of your health history). It is a guarantee! Take Action Now Because The Supplements Will Help You. They Are: *100% Natural Herbs. *No Side Effects *Proven To Work *Testimonies Abound * Money Back Guarantee! The Manchine Analysis These Body Functions: Cardiovascular | Cerebrovascular | Gastrointestinal Function | Liver Function | Gallbladder Function | Pancreatic Function | Kidney Function | Lung Function | Brain Nerve | Bone Disease | Bone Mineral Density | Rheumatoid Bone Disease | Blood Sugar | Basic Physical Quality | Rheumatoid Bone Disease | Pulse of heart and brain | Blood lipids | Human Toxin | Trace Element | Prostate | Male Sexual Function | Skin | Endocrine System | Immune System | Breast | Vitamin | Amino Acid | Bone Growth Index | Eye | Heavy Metal | Allergy | Coenzyme | Obesity | Collagen | Large Intestine Function | Channels and collaterals | Pulse of heart and brain | Blood lipids | Sperm and semen | Menstrual cycle | Element of Human and Gynecology Consultation Fee: N10,000. ;



Will Tihe Treatment Packs Work? Yes They Will. The treatment packs have given many of our clients a new lease of life and welness. The supplements are curative, readily available and affordable. These Are the Treatment Packs Available Now: >/strong>

High blood pressure pack

Amount N25000 Prevents and cures high blood pressure with natural/herbal medication It reduces BP instantly it is very good for any heart related diseases or sickness.No side effects

Complete Asthma Pack

For Asthma Bronchitis Pneumonia and lungs infection pack Amount N30000 Prevents and cure any ailment above 100% guaranteed Pure natural herbs.No side effect

Arthritis Pack

Arthritis Dislocation of bones, bones and muscle pains,osteoprorosis,weakbones,knee/leg pains, general body pains Total Amount Pack_ N40000 Usage within one week will correct any form of bones/muscle challenges in the body. It cures any sickness or diseases that is bone/muscle/joints/spines/lumber related.100% herbal with no side effects

Slimming Pack

Amount N25000 Reduce burn stubborn fats and cholesterol in the body. Loos 5-10kg within 2 weeks Pure Natural herbs a.No side effects

Infection Pack

Treatment for Vaginal, cervical and urinary tract infection,Gonorhea,syphilis,staphylococcus etc. 100% guaranteed result with no side effects Amount 35000

Female Dose Pack

Amount N10000 Excellent for vaginal infection and any uterus related problems like fibroid, fallopian tube blockage etc. Simply insert a pill inside vagina for 3days and you will get instant result a.No side effects

Prostrate Pack

Amount N35000 For the prevention and treatment of prostrate in men.No matter the level it can be cured is also used to treat long time infection in men Pure natural herbs No side effects Male Pack

Amount N25000 Boost your libido/sperm cont by 100% Improve sexualerfprmance and any infertility problem in mem 100% guaranteed.Pure natural herbs.No side effects

Diabetes/High Blood Sugar level Pack

Improve and boost your insulin and glucagon It cures diabetes Reduces High Sugar level It is very good for both treatment and prevention 100% herbal with no side effect

HIV Pack

Amount N60000 This natural aolution prevents ,treats and cures Boost immunity by 100%, 100% guaranteed No side effects A trial will convince you.

Female fertility pack

Amount N30000 Proven to be very effective .Testimonial abounds. Yes it is real 100% guaranteed Indeed with God on your side and this wonderful herbal product, you will definitely carry your baby in the next 9months of trying this fertility treatment a.Pure natural herbs.No side effects

Male kidney detoxification

Amnt N15000 It is a natural dialysis for men why kidney problems. It prevents and cures and malfunctioning f the kidney Promotes sexual performance 100% guaranteed, No side effects Brain food pack

Amount 25000 To improve memory, mental alertness and intelligence ,you increase blood flow to the brain a.It is very good for workaholics.It relaxes the nerves a.It is blood thinner. No side effects

Hepatitis A.B and C Treatment Pack

For prevention and cure Amount N40000

Complete Fibroid Pack

Amount40000 It shrinks any size of fibroid.You will get results in 2 weeks 100% guaranteed. Pure Natural herbs no side effects

Complete Malaria/typhoid pack

Amount N25000 It prevents ,cures,malaria and typhoid a.It boost the immune system in fighting the fever. 100% guaranteed no side effects

Natural Sleeping pill

No side effects Amount 8000

High blood lipids And Cholesterol Packs

Amount N25000

Children supplementary Pack

Amount is N3000 each You need to secure your children future healthwisw.A must for every child.No side effects

Female Kidney Detoxification Pack

Amount N15000 It is a natural dialysis for women with kidney problems It prevents and cures any malfunctioning of the kidney. Boost Sexual Performance 100% guaranteed.No side effects


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